Time for reflection

I was honored to join the Duke community yesterday in a moment of reflection and recommitment to our core values of justice, equity, and belonging.

Nothing new here.

WNBA players have evidenced leadership on so many issues this year, especially Covid-19 and the considerable challenge of vaccine hesitancy. I was so proud of my rockstar former student (and WNBA star), Elizabeth Williams, who led the charge on a

Coming to Dartmouth

I'm excited to join colleagues at Dartmouth's Center for Technology and Behavioral Health for a talk: Digital Obesity Treatment in Medically Vulnerable Populations.

Open the curtain

There’s way too much unnecessary intrigue about the (un/spoken) expectations, challenges, and compensation (!!) in our various academic positions. Time to let some light in.

Empathy #ftw

Me and colleagues at a recent Duke media briefing on the COVID pandemic. TL; DW: We can't browbeat people into following COVID safety precautions. We shame the hesitant at our own peril. Lead with empathy.

Getting serious in fighting hesitancy

There are huge racial disparities in vaccination, and we need new solutions to fight "hesitancy." To get there, we have to stop thinking that people are primary driven by their mistrustful emotions. Sure, mistrust plays an important role,

Convo with General (x2) Murthy

I'm absolutely thrilled to join Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD in conversation this week. Please register here and send me any questions you have via Twitter!

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